International Conference on aquatic resources and blue economy

  • 28Nov2019
  • Kochi, India

The Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies (KUFOS) is organizing a three days International conference on Aquatic resources and Blue Economy in order to understand and highlight the contributions of aquatic resources, both living and non living, to blue economy.The term blue economy refers to the sustainable harnessing of ocean resources through appropriate research andĀ  development for maximizing the benefits to humans.In the context of climate change and changing ocean environment, there is a constant impact on the aquatic resources, and the conference aims to take stock of the scenario from the point of view of fisheries and ocean sciences.we hope the expect and participation of national and international scientific fraternity in this great endeavor for definingĀ  the changes to ocean and fisheries and sector advocating possible measures for mitigating issues.the conference will provide a platform for researchers, academicians, scientists, industrialists and policy makers to take the concept of blue economy to newer and wider dimensions.