Vimukthi- A campaign against alcoholism and drug abuse

Vumukthi- Kerala State Mission for De-addiction; is a government programme
for conducting awareness campaigns against alcoholism and drug abuse. A
committee was constituted under this programme for the conduct of awareness
programmes in this regard in the University.

Committee Members

1. Registrar, KUFOS,Chairman
2. Dr.M.K. Sajeevan , Assoc Prof. Convener
3. Dr.Safeena M. P,Asst Prof
4. Dr.Abhilash Sasidharan, Asst Prof & Member, PTA
5. Dr. Pramila S, Asst Prof & Member, PTA
6. Student union member
7. Student union member
8. Shri Gheevarghese A T, LDV Drive cum Office attendant
9. UG student representative
10. PG student representative
11. PhD research scholar representative
12. External Member