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Training Programme on ORNAMENTAL FISH CULTURE with online demonstration

Brochure Day 1(21-dec-2020)
Day 2(22-dec-2020)
Day 3(23-dec-2020)

Agriculture Education Day 2020

Brochure Day 1(03-dec-2020)

International Webinar- Fisheries and Associated Resources-Farsighted Approach Needs (FARFAN 2020)

Brochure Day 1(21-nov-2020)
Day 2(03-dec-2020)

National Webinar on Emerging Technologies and Entrepreneurship in Dairy and Meat Sectors

Brochure Day 1(05-nov-2020)
Day 2(06-nov-2020)

Training on Monoculture of fresh water fish in pond

Brochure Day 1(26-aug-2020)
Day 2(27-aug-2020)

Fish Culture in Public Ponds & National Webinar

Brochure Day 1(25-aug-2020)

Training on cage farming of fish

Brochure Day 1(20-aug-2020)
Day 2(21-aug-2020)

Training for Pearlspot farming in pond and Seed production

Brochure Day 1(06-aug-2020)
Day 2(07-aug-2020)

Training Program on Carp farming in pond

Brochure Day 1(03-aug-2020)
Day 2(04-aug-2020)

CM's Inauguration Program: Release of fishlings into rivers and reservoirs

Brochure Day 1(30-jul-2020)

Training Programme on Fish Culture in Padutha Ponds

Brochure Day 1(24-jul-2020)
Day 2(27-jul-2020)

Training Programme on Biofloc Technology in Aquaculture

Brochure Day 1(10-jul-2020)
Day 2(13-jul-2020)