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Student Hostels


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 Ladies UG Hostel

The double storied UG Ladies Hostel of KUFOS is situated at North Eastern campus near the national Highway. Adjacent to the entrance, there is a visitor’s room and computer lab with internet facility. The hostel building is with a traditional Kerala style spacious courtyard which is also used as a volleyball court for the students. Students are also provided with table tennis playing facility in the first floor of the hostel. The rooms in the hostel are with all facilities for studying. Besides this there is a common study room exclusively for this purpose. There are 135 students in the hostel and considering safety of the students they are instructed to be inside the hostel before 6.30 pm. There is a spacious mess hall and kitchen with modern amenities adjacent to the hostel. Solar electricity facility is also available in the hostel Studentscan wash their clothes and spacious roofed terrace can be used for drying their washed clothes.Enough water is available for the daily need of the inmates. The mess is conducted by the students themselves with dividing system and hygienic and tasty food is provided . All the activities in the hostel are controlled by the Assistant warden. Immediate supervision of the hostel is done by a Matron , who is present 24 hrs in the hostel. Thus the safety security of the students are ensured in the hostel at the same time it has the feeling of home away home.

Ladies PG Hostel

The PG women’s hostel of KUFOS situated in the North East campus started functioning since April 2016. It has a total intake capacity of 63. Currently a total of 69 PG students are admitted there availing the facilities of the adjoining quarters building also which was allotted for the use of ladies hostel. Students belonging to MFSc, MSc, MBA, PhD as well as LLM are presently admitted in the hostel. The newly built hostel has 20 rooms for stay of inmates, a common dining hall, kitchen and work area, recreation room, mess workers room and a sick room. There are sufficient number of toilets and bathrooms as well as facilities for reading, viewing television and washing. Assistant warden is the immediate authority for matters relating to admission and smooth conduct of the hostel and mess. Matron has also been appointed who assists the warden in managing the mess and in all matters connected with the hostel. Hostel secretary, joint secretary, mess secretary floor representatives are the office bearers of the hostel committee who help the authorities in managing the day to day activities of the hostel and mess as well as in maintaining proper discipline in the hostel. A fully functional mess following dividing system is available which is managed by mess committees elected every month. 3 mess servants and a janitorial worker are entrusted with the cooking and cleaning work whose salary is met from the mess expenses.

Ladies Hostel UG

Contact Details

Assistant Warden

Dr. Daisy C. Kappan      9446353013

Matron SR. Gr

Smt Girijamma G           9497635974

Ladies Hostel PG

Contact Details

Assistant Warden

Dr.Pramila.S                    9446463864

Mens Hostel

The Gents hostel for undergraduate students is located in the midst of serene greenery at the Southern side of KUFOS main campus. The hostel is having 16 double rooms, 17 single rooms and a dormitory with a total capacity of 73 inmates. The hostel mess is run on ͞dividing system managed by a Mess Committee consisting of student representatives. The Post graduate hostel for gents is under construction and is expected to finish in a couple of months. Presently, Dr.S.M.Raffi, Assistant Professor is serving as the Asst.Warden of the Gents hostel.

Mens Hostel UG& PG

Contact Details

Assistant Warden

 Dr.M.P.Prabhakaran    9287520260

Hostel Manager

 Mr. Akhil B                    7012275439