Outreach programmes

Outreach programmes


Directorate of Extension

Directorate  of  Extension  under  the  Kerala  University  of  Fisheries  and  Ocean  Studies ( KUFOS) promotes  the  development  of  fisheries  sector  by way  of  providing  necessary  information  in  aquaculture  and  allied  sectors  to  the  target  group. The  university  provides  both  technical  and  financial  support  to  the  fish  farmers  and  fisher  folk  in  establishing  small  scale  units, thus  creating  more  employment  opportunities  and  provides  livelihood  security  to  them. The  demonstration  units  established  by  the  University in  diversified  aquaculture  practices  viz. cage  culture, pen  culture, ornamental  fish  culture  etc.  including  post-harvest  technologies in  identified  locations  of  the  State   helps  in  motivating  the  farmers  for adopting  various   technologies  in  an  ecofriendly  and  sustainable  manner.  Such  an  approach  will help  in  bringing  more  area  under  cultivation  leading  to  self-sufficiency  in  fish  production  of  the  State  and  also ensure  better  quality  product  for export.  While  extending   these  technologies  due  emphasis  is  being  given in  promoting  women  friendly  technologies   with  the  objective  of  achieving   the  women  empowerment.

Directorate  of  Extension  is  implementing  the following extension  plan  projects  aimed  at  the  overall  development  of  the  fishing  sector.

  1. Village Adoption  for  Empowerment  and  Capacity  Building  Ensuring  Livelihood  of  Fisherfolk  in  Central  Kerala
  2. Earn While  You  Learn  (EWYL)
  3. Establishment of  Farm  Radio  Station  for  Hastening  Fisheries  development
  4. Establishment of Fisheries Technical, Portal and  Knowledge  Centre
  5. Farm Advisory  Services
  6. Exhibition Unit
  7. Setting up of Cage culture units for production and training in two geographical zones of Kerala for further demonstration and popularization of the technology.
  8. Maintenance of  Museum/Aquarium
  9. Development of Instructional Farm
  10. Farmers Training  Centre
  11. Model fish processing plant and training Centre