Information for Farmers

Information for Farmers


Technologies available at KUFOS

1.   Cage culture of Seabass, pearl spot, red snapper, giant trevally, Nile Tilapia, etc
2.   Pen culture
3.   Fresh water Fish/Scampi farming
4.   Brackish water fish / Shrimp Farming
5.   Vannamei shrimp farming
6.   Integrated Farming
7.   Ornamental fish culture/Seed production
8.   Live feed culture
9.   Feed preparation
10. Air breathing fish culture
11.Preparation of value added fishery products

Model Fish Processing Plant and Training Center

The MFPPT envisaged at KUFOS aims at providing a state of the art model facility in seafood processing for the benefit of the students as well as the industry. The facility consists of wet and dry area suitable for by-product processing as well as frozen and chilled product processing. The center has the following facilities.
● Ice making machine
● Cold storage
● Blast freezer
● Dehydrator
● Battering and breading machine
The initiative intends to support the student ready programs like earn while learn (EWL) and Experimental Learning Program (ELP) for students and also basic training into interested third parties in fish processing and value addition Technical guidance in fish farming Guidance on scientific fish farming is regularly given to the farmers at the Station. The number of farmers visiting the Station falls in range of 200-300 annually. Fish culture is also promoted by providing extension classes, agricultural columns of newspapers and farm radio programmes.