Center of excellence in food processing technology

Center of excellence in food processing technology

Dr. T.K. Sreenivasa Gopal
Professor Chair

Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies established in 2010 has a rich heritage in the field ofFood Processing Technology starting from the period of 1979 in which the College of Fisheries, Panangad was established under Kerala Agricultural University. It has been generating professionals in the field of fisheries in general and fish and food processing in particular.

The location of the KUFOS also signifies its role as a key organization in providing professional assistance in food processing technology since the Aroor Seafood Industrial Belt, the largest concentration of seafood processing firms in a given area in the country is adjacent to the lacation of the University including other potential food sector stake holders.The lack of professional R&D organizations specifically catering to the industry specific needs in food processing are also limited in the area further increasing the significance of setting up of a specialized research and industrial expertise in the sector with special focus on Research and Development, Startup Support and Training.

Thrust areas

  • Development of fish based value added products to increase fish utilization and utilization o fish waste
  • Development of detection techniques for chemical and microbiological hazards
  • Effect of dietary supplementation of marine biomolecules in aquacultured shrimps

ยป Annual Report from 2017 to 2020

Faculty Associated

  • Dr. Safeena, M.P.
  • Dr.Blossom, K.L.
  • Dr. Abhilash Sasidharan
  • Dr.Preetham