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KUFOS Central Library

The KUFOS is entrusted with the triple functions of producing trained personal, carrying out research and extension activities in Fisheries sector. Information is a valuable resource and important constituent that determines the quality of education, research and extension activities. KUFOS Library and Information System (KUFOS-LIS) is envisaged for Collection, Organization and Dissemination of Information especially on Fisheries and Allied Sciences.


  • To provide library and information services to all the members of KUFOS is the statutory objective of the KUFOS Library System.
  • To impart information services to all users of the Library.
  • To conduct User Orientation Programs for Scientists and Students on various Services and activities of the Library.
  • To organize in Service Training for Library and Information Professionals and Users.
  • To organize various extension programmes related to Library & Reading services.

KUFOS Central Library

The Library is located at the western campus of the University at Madavana Junction adjacent to Cochin Alappuzha Highway. The two-storied building has a total plinth area of 10,000 square feet. The library has acquired all basic Hardware & Software systems essential for modern Library and Information services, with the financial assistance of ICAR and other agencies. The library also provides Wi-Fi facility through which library clientele can connect their laptops and other smart devices to access e-resources.


All Students and Staff will be enrolled as regular members.  Researchers, Teachers, Students & Planners and all information seekers outside KUFOS are also served on temporary basis on request.

Major Services

  • Book Loan Service
  • Reference Service
  • Literature search
  • Reprographic Service
  • Document Delivery Service
  • Database and Internet based Services

Working Hours

Monday To Saturday 9.30am to 6pm

School Libraries

School of Management and Entrepreneurship [SME] Library

SME Library Situated in North-Eastern Campus

Working Hours

Monday To Saturday 12pm to 7pm

School of Fishery Environment Library [SFE] Library

SFE Library situated in Puthuvypu, Kochi

Working Hours

Monday To Saturday 9.30am to 4.30pm


Library Professional staff is very competent to organize the library at modern lines. They are extending their professional skills through consultancy service to automate the libraries in Colleges, Schools and other public libraries in Kochi region.


An effective document delivery system has been established in KUFOS Library. Documents from the libraries of other ICAR Institutions will be delivered by hardcopy as well as softcopy by mail or post on request. Dedicated laser printers and photocopier are available.


KUFOS Library is a centre for Training new Library Professionals, approved by Apprenticeship Board of Govt. of India. The Library provides User Orientation Programmes to users in Literature Search, and training on IT based Library Services. It also conduct various training programmes and Workshops on and off for library professionals. Library professional staff is offering the ICAR Course MS 525 (Library and Information Science) to PG & PhD students.


  • A moderate library rules have been formulated for optimum use of the library collection and its safeguard.
  • Do not bring your personal belongings (bag, file, packet, umbrella, cap etc.) inside the library.
  • Do not use your books/ note books, CDs, Pen drives etc. inside the library. You are allowed to bring loose paper sheets / reference cards for note-making.
  • Keep absolute silence in the library.
  • Handle the books with care. Co-operate to preserve our repository. To tear off the pages of books/ journals means to cheat your friend who is also in need of the information contained in it.
  • Please do not misplace the books on the racks.
  • Borrower’s tickets are not transferable. Loss of a ticket will lead to its misuse by others, and you may have to be responsible for a costly book. Ensure that your tickets are not used by others. Loss of borrower’s ticket from the user will lead to executing of an agreement in a bond paper of Rs. 100/ as he or she is responsible for the misuse of the readers ticket in future and also should pay stationary charges of the readers ticket Rs. 20/- each.
  • Loss of books should be reported immediately to the library in writing. The borrower will have to replace the document within one month and pay a penalty of 20% of the cost of the document. If the book was published before 1970 and the user is not in a position to replace it he/she should pay 3 times of the cost of the document. The documents which are printed/ published after 1970 two times of the original price will be recovered.

Document Resources

The collection of information resources in print and electronic media covers all subjects in the thrust areas of the University plus subjects of general interest. Documentary resources include a collection of Books- 20900, Current Online Journals – 4000+ Current Indian journals – 95, DDM special collection of rare documents-810, FAO Publication on Fisheries -1050, Bound Volumes– 1200, Reports – 600, Standards and Specifications- 150, Newspapers -10, CD ROM databases -200.

Document Processing

Books and other library documents are classified according to Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme and bar-coded. Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) will assist to locate the documents.


24 hours BSNL Broadband Internet connectivity through KUFOS WiFi -LAN is available in the campus. Total 50 terminals are available for students and staff to free access of Internet.

E Resources


KUFOS Institutional Repository named ‘MEENAM’ is available through internet.  It is the Digital Repository of KUFOS in D-space through KUFOS LAN, with almost all kinds of Intellectual output of College of Fisheries & KUFOS since 1978 to the present. It also includes the prestigious DDM collection of KUFOS Library.  A dedicated and well equipped Digital library development unit has been established in KUFOS Library to update the digital content.


The renowned fisheries scientist Late Sri. M Devidas Menon, magnanimously donated his lifelong collection of Books, Journals, rare documents, printouts and other many valuable documents to College of Fisheries Library, and now automatically it became an integral part of KUFOS Library. Almost all the documents of DDM Collection were digitized and made available in KUFOS Institutional Repository ’MEENAM’. Library conducts DDM Endowment Lecture every year.

The prestigious Online Journal service of ICAR CeRA  (Consortium for e-Resources in Agriculture) is available to KUFOS community through KUFOS LAN ( IP address basis) .  Around 2896 Foreign and Indian Journals are available with full text, and document delivery service of member library collection is also available through KUFOS Library.

CeRA  (Consortium for e-Resources in Agriculture)

The prestigious Online Journal service of ICAR CeRA  (Consortium for e-Resources in Agriculture) is available to KUFOS community through KUFOS LAN ( IP address basis).  Foreign and Indian Journals are available with full text, and document delivery service of member library collection is also available through KUFOS Library. The CeRA was established in November 2007 for facilitating accessibility of scientific journals to all researchers / teachers in the National Agricultural Research System by providing access to information specially access to journals online which is crucial for having excellence in research and teaching.












Library Staff

Name Designation Email Phone
Smt. P V Vijayalakshmi Reference Officer 9995287477
Dr. Remya Raveendran Reference Officer 9349316657
Sri. Mathew George Library Assistant (Deputation) 8606205339
Sri. Arun K J Office Attendant 9526788353

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