Farm Radio

Farm Radio

Establishment of a community Radio Station at KUFOS will help to transfer the various technologies in the field of fisheries viz. freshwater fish farming, brackish water fish farming, ornamental fish culture, cage culture, pen culture, post-harvest technologies, value addition, etc. to the fish farmers and fisher folk which in turn will help to increase the fish production of the State, increasing the income of the target group and improving their livelihood security.

It will also help to convey back the problems/constraints they are facing in the field which require scientific interventions. In the marine sector, the fishermen engaged in fishing activities needs supporting services in kinds of advices and information regarding sudden vagaries of nature, market information, climate warning, sea safety measures and operations, welfare programmes of various government and non-government agencies, potential fishing zones, fish concentration centers etc. Dwindling catches in the marine sector indicate the necessity of creating awareness about the responsible fisheries among the fisher folk so as to avoid over exploitation and need to conserve the fishery resources.

Conducting and broadcasting value based cultural programmes and other educational, environmental and welfare programmes, leadership development, personality development, creating gender awareness among the people so as to ensure gender equality, women empowerment programmes etc. are the other areas which can be focused upon for improving their total quality of life. Involvement of local community by way of collecting their traditional knowledge , ensuring their involvement in various programmes and broadcasting the same will definitely contribute to the overall development of the people engaged in fishing industry and fish farming.

Being the first Fisheries University in the country, Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies (KUFOS) could play a major role in disseminating the relevant information in the field of fisheries and ocean science with the participation of local people which will lead to ultimate development of the society.