Centre of Bioactive Compounds

Centre of Bioactive Compounds


Centre for Bioactive Substances from Marine Organisms


The Centre for Bioactive Substances from Marine Organisms was initiated by the Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies with the support of Kerala State Plan fund to address multiple aspects of the natural drug discovery process by isolation, identification and structure determination of bioactive small molecules from different sources of marine origin including seaweeds, yeasts, sponges and associated microbes. The objective also includes the studies on the mechanism of action of these molecules and the development of novel therapeutic and commercial products.

Specific areas of research

  • Discovery of Bioactive Marine Natural Products
  • Pigments from marine Yeast


Sponsored under Kerala State Plan Fund

Projects 1:   Isolation and characterization of Bioactive components from seaweeds and sponges from   Kerala coast

Project 2:  Pigments from Marine Yeasts as colour enhancing feed supplement for Ornamental and Shell fishes


Principal Investigator and Incharge: Dr. Nevin KG

Principal Investigator: Manjusha K


Scientific Staff: Dr. Neema Job, Project Scientist

Ms. Ashly Augustine, JRF



Cell culture Biosafety cabinet

CO2 Incubator


Rotory Shaker


Horizontal and Vertical Electrophoresis unit

Magnetic Stirrer


Inverted microscope

Plate reader