Centre for Aquatic Resource Management and Conservation (CARMaC)

Centre for Aquatic Resource Management and Conservation (CARMaC)

Dr V.N Sanjeevan

The proposal aimed to establish a Centre for Excellence and Advance Research in Aquatic Resource Management and Conservation. The Centre would promote and facilitate sustainable development in the coastal regions of Kerala and beyond. CARMC has a strong focus on tropical coastal environmental management and its mission is to make a significant contribution to sustainable development in the Kerala region. CARMC’s policy perspective is to conduct research and outreach intended to develop policy-oriented database from applied interdisciplinary research projects for resource management and conservation. Vulnerability assessments of aquatic resources especially fisheries at regional, national and global levels are receiving increasing attention in the aspects of climate change, and are being used in the international policy arena. Coastal zones of India in general and Kerala in particular are considered to be exceedingly vulnerable to climate alteration impacts due to increased human interventions. However, such areas with alteration due to human intervention are largely been neglected from these assessments due to lack of data. This absence encourages underrepresentation of coastal zones prone to high vulnerability and weakens the position of coastal area in climate change debates. A database has to be developed to explain key issues and encourages more coastal zones with human intervention to actively manage their resources and information required for a frame work for and international vulnerability assessments. This will allow their vulnerability to be better assessed and represented in the international policy arena.

Thrust Areas

  • developing clean technologies for the viable Utilization of Aquatic Resources
  • Improvising knowledge on conservation and management of Aquatic Living Resources
  • Facilitating policy research and impact assessment in the coastal and inland zones of Kerala
  • Providing platform for the information dissemination and training

»Annual Report from 2017-2020

Faculty Associated

  • Dr. K.Ranjeet
  • Dr. S.Suresh Kumar
  • Dr. M.K.Sajeevan
  • Dr. B.Manoj Kumar
  • Dr. Anu Gopinath
  • Dr. S.M. Rafi
  • Dr. M.P.Praphakaran
  • Dr. Jayalakshmi, K.J.
  • Dr. Pramila, S
  • Dr. Rajiv Raghavan
  • Shri. Anwar Ali, P.H.